Thursday, April 26, 2007


Nancy Nova - "The Force"
Ritz Records, 1981

Nancy Nova sounds like Kate Bush on nitrous oxide. Actually that doesn't begin to do her justice. Just watch.

Nancy Nova - "Made in Japan"
EMI Records, 1982

Nancy Nova - "No No No"
EMI Records, 1982

Nancy Nova - "Heaven"

Ritz Records, 1979

Nancy Nova - "Lifeline"

EMI Records, 1983

Nancy Nova - "Copy"

Nancy Nova - "Masquerade"


Matthew Grundy said...

I don't know how that's possible, considering that Kate Bush sounds like Kate Bush on helium. I have never been the hugest Nancy Nova fan, but I'm shocked and chagrined that you know her. You're like me but younger, and with a private-school education!

halli said...

Thanks for the songs! I had only heard 'The Force', but shit, she is unbelievable.

QQ said...

Oh please re-up these songs! thx!!!